Sunday, June 29, 2014

A new book about the reception of Burns in Europe, but...

I saw that there is a new book out about Robert Burns and the reception of his works in Europe:
  • Murray Pittock (ed.), The Reception of Robert Burns in Europe, Bloomsbury, New York etc 2014 (The Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe) [see]
This looks very interesting and in fact it is exactly what I am interested in at the moment. But the book is a little bit expensive, isn't it. At the printed edition costs about 200 Euros and even the Kindle-edition is priced at nearly 120 Euros. So that's nothing for a normal book buyer and I should wait until the libraries here have it. I saw that four or five of them in Germany have ordered this publication and don't doubt that in a couple of months it will be available for Inter Library Loan.

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